BabyVox systems-

prevent forgotten child in vehicle

BabyVox system the efficient  way to prevent forgetting child in vehicle

Immediate action

Car windows opening, Vocal notification, SMS message with exact location

One-time cost

No subscription fee

No guarantees

Professional installation

No visible cables and components, direct connection to the car battery

Independent system

No worries about changing batteries

No Bluetooth connection

Unique and exclusive Israeli development of InterVox
Approved by the Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety


BabyVox systems Have been developed to help reduce the unsettling phenomenon of child being forgotten in vehicles.

BabyVox systems emphasis on eliminating dependence in human factor and so the system operates independently and completely automatically in both routine and emergency situations. One time installation and you’re safe for life!

No ON\OFF, No Batteries, No “car lighter” connection, No App.

BabyVox systems was developed and manufactured by InterVox, with over 45 years of experience in the development and manufacture of safety technology for vehicles.

The company has extensive experience in developing systems to prevent children from being forgotten in vehicles and is authorized by the Ministry of Transport to produce and install BabyVox systems in child transport vehicles as required by law (from 1.4.2017) according to standard 6400.

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BabyVox preventive system

To prevent child forgotten in private vehicles

How the system works

End of trip and shutdown of vehicle

A special weight sensor detects that a child is sitting on the seat

Instant activation of internal alerts

(Vocal+ visual)

If in 2 minutes
the child wasn't taken out of the car

If in 2 minutes
the child was taken out of the car

Enable external alerts

Window opening, external siren, SMS

The system
is neutralized

Stop internal alerts and no alerts will be triggered

System Benefits


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BabyVox Scan Button

To prevent forgetting a child in a bus\minibus

How the system works

Shutting down the vehicle

After traveling for more than 3 minutes

Enable internal alert

To the driver for 45 seconds (vocal and visual)

After 45 seconds

After 45 seconds
Scanning of the vehicle wasn't performed

And the driver did not press the special switch

After 45 seconds
Scanning of the vehicle was performed

And the driver neutralized the system by pressing the special switch

Enable external alerts

Turn on an external siren, turn on flashing lights, send a message to the control center

The system is neutralized

No alerts will be activated

System Benefits


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"קנינו את המערכת הזו, והיא מצוינת! ממליצה בחום! תודה רבה לכם על השירות הנהדר המקצועי והאדיב".
באר שבע
"התקנתי את המערכת ב-2 הרכבים שלנו, היא עובדת מצוין ובזכותה אני ואשתי רגועים ומרגישים בטוחים הרבה יותר"

Questions and Answers

The main difference is in the technology and ease of use – BabyVox is the only system to lower windows in an emergency!

In addition, the system does not depend on a human cause for charger connection, or battery replacement and is completely independent!

The system is installed regularly and once by a qualified installer. It connects directly to the vehicle’s battery and the installation will automatically provide emergency alerts.

We have certified installers all over Israel.
if you live abroad, please contact us

Of course, the installation point can be reached and there will be disassembly and reassembly.

Yes, our systems are modular and can be customized according to your needs or vehicle type.

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